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Martina Le Brün-Wetzig

Here we answer
the most frequently asked questions

Yes, we are happy to receive every qualified application.
Since we are regularly looking for new talent, there are no application deadlines for our open positions.
You can apply for our open positions at any time.
Your data will be stored on a secure drive for the duration of the application process. Three months after completion of the application process (date of acceptance/rejection), all application documents will be deleted.
Only the responsible employees in our back office and the two members of our management team with whom you will have your interview will have access to your application.
Send your cover letter / motivation letter / video / audio recording (you are free to choose any format that suits you) to Martina Le Brün-Wetzig. You are also welcome to call us by our first names in your application.
We need your resume and the three reasons why you are a good fit for acondas. You can write the three reasons in a classic cover letter or present them creatively in other formats such as video, voice message, picture, Power-Point, etc. It is also be important to submit your work and education certificates (high school diploma and university degree).
You can withdraw your application at any time. In this case, please send us a short e-mail to karriere@acondas.com.
Changing the application and exchanging documents is no longer possible after the application has been sent. Certificates that are not available yet, however, can be submitted later. If you would like to submit certificates later, please note this in your application.
After receipt of your complete application documents, you will receive feedback from us within 10 working days.
After receipt of your complete application documents, we will check your documents within a short period of time. If the fit is right, we will invite you to a personal interview. This interview usually takes place in Düsseldorf, but can also take place virtually. During the interview, you will meet two members of our management team. During the interview we would like to get to know you better, both professionally and personally. We would like to talk to you about your experiences and your professional opportunities at acondas. This also includes working on small case studies from everyday consulting work. After the personal interview, you will receive feedback from us within 5 working days. If the feedback is positive, you will receive an offer to start your career at acondas. Before you make your decision, we will be happy to give you the opportunity to talk to other acondas colleagues or to visit your preferred office location.
The overall picture is crucial: In addition to strong analytical and structuring skills and basic business knowledge, we place particular value on the ability to work in a team, empathy and communication skills. It is also important for us what drives you personally (i.e., what is your purpose?).
Please send us your attachments as a PDF file.

You can send us the three reasons why you are a good fit for acondas as mp4, wmv, wav, mp3, png, jpg or pdf (docx, xlsx, and pptx as pdf).

All application documents will be deleted three months after completion of the application process (date of acceptance/rejection).
On your first three working days, you will receive professional, detailed onboarding from us on the basics of our consulting work and the internal acondas processes. After that, nothing stands in the way of your successful project start.

Your new colleagues are already waiting for you!

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