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We are a team of inquisitive implementation consultants with a strong team spirit. We use the freedom we have to advance our own ideas, and we support each other in our further development. We have a strong feedback culture and give each other feedback regularly – in all directions, 360°. We consider strong cohesion and open interaction within the team essential to strong cooperation and a team spirit practiced by all.

Team spirit.

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At acondas you can be who you are, with your whole personality. We support you in defining and achieving your personal goals. As we have a very strong team spirit, we all pull together and are always ready to help.
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Regular team events

Three times a year, we retreat to strategy meetings as a whole acondas team. These meetings are always very special experiences: We discuss questions around further development and improvement of acondas as well as topics related to our consulting work. In addition to the professional exchange, we especially look forward to seeing our colleagues again and to promoting team cohesion with good food and exciting events. During our summer strategy meetings in another European country, we also show our strength as a team with activities such as a jeep tour across Mallorca, an e-bike tour through Barcelona or team challenges on the Dutch sea. We also strengthen our team spirit with regular events and activities at each office location.


We are there for each other as a team and take care of each other. New colleagues are welcomed directly and warmly into the team. If you have any questions or problems, there are always plenty of open ears and helping hands – from junior consultants to the managing director and our strong back office team. Our mentors will support you in your personal development. And if at some point you no longer feel like consulting, we guarantee you a fair and professional offboarding process. Our philosophy: Only happy and satisfied consultants make an outstanding consulting team.

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Main office

Roßstraße 92, 40476 Düsseldorf
+49 211 9132 340

More Locations

Sophienstraße 23, 10178 Berlin
Dorotheenstr. 64, 22301 Hamburg
Nymphenburger Str. 4, 80335 Munich

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